30 before 30

I was inspired by Nicole Balch of Making it Lovely to write my own version of a 30 before 30 list in order to give myself some achievable goals to focus on. I feel that there’s a good mix of life skills, milestones, places and things that will give me plenty to write about as I experience them, but that I can also look back on with fondness when I’m older!

Writing them down in private and sharing them in public are two different things. The reason I’m sharing my list is because I feel that I need to be held accountable to some degree, although I’d rather look at this list as a guideline rather than a strict schedule. I will conquer this list!

In no particular order:

1. Start learning another language (spanish?)
2. Sing in a choir Joined Vocal Alchemy 09/10/13!
3. Sew a dress for myself
4. Read 100 children’s literature novels
5. Visit Holland
6. Start a family
7. Move out of the condo and buy a house Moved into our new duplex 03.22.14!
8. Make a cake with more than one layer from scratch Baking day with my cousin 12/28/12!
9. Ride in a hot air balloon
10. Go on a yoga retreat
11. Get a tattoo
12. Swim with dolphins
13. Rock out at a music festival Sasquatch Music Festival 05/23/13 Part One & Part Two
14. Go skinny dipping Pembina River Float 09/01/13 
15. See the Grand Canyon
16. Attend a cooking class Enjoyed an evening with Get Cooking 12/11/12!
17. Bake a successful soufflé Baking day with my cousin 12/28/12!
18. Start doing more freelance design work
19. Go on annual “mooniversary” trips with husbie
20. Sleep under the stars
21. Sponsor a child in Africa
22. Find a church community, attend regularly
23. Get a professional mani/pedi (I’ve never had either!) Got my first mani 10/20/12!
24. Buy a bottle of Dom Perignon for a special occasion
25. Pay off my student loan
26. Watch the top 100 movies from AFI
27. Go to Disneyland or Disney World
28. Own a bike and a basket to match Bought an Electra Townie 07/23/13!
29. Throw a kick ass theme party Threw my bestie an Oscars themed 30th Birthday Party 02/21/15!
30. Turn all our wedding/honeymoon pictures into photo books Used Blurb to finish 02/14/13

Let the memories begin!

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