I want to be a #PBAmbassador!

Poppy Barley Ambassador

How many ladies out there have ever had issues finding shoes or boots that fit? With a show of hands…I’m seeing about 99.99%! The fact of the matter is, no two women have the same sized feet, so why should shoes made to fit the masses be good enough for all of us?

I’ve always had fit issues when buying footwear. At 5’9″, with feet sized 8 to 9 depending on the shoes, it’s challenging to find flats that don’t pinch my slightly short toes (my bestie calls them Hobbit toes – minus the excessive amounts of hair), or strappy sandals that don’t cut into my slightly high bridge, or boots that don’t slouch and pool at the bottom of my chicken legs. It’s enough to make any girl get frustrated, settle for second best, and convince herself that the boots are slouchy because that’s the “style” of them…they’re supposed to fit that way. HA! No one’s laughing…unless it’s at my exposed chicken legs sticking awkwardly out of boot puddles.

Enter Poppy Barley, an amazing bespoke footwear company started by two sisters living in my hometown of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It makes a girl proud to see such a genius idea originate in her hometown! Poppy Barley is dedicated to creating beautiful footwear, made to measure. On the Poppy Barley website, you personalize your favourite footwear style by choosing your leather, colour, hardware, and sole type, and then you spend 5-10 minutes measuring your feet. Once you’ve placed your order, your dream footwear is handcrafted by artisan tailors in León, Mexico. From there they are packaged with care and sent directly to your doorstep in a month or two! It’s pure magic! Custom shoes, made to your specific measurements…what more could a girl ask for? I’ve been saving my pennies and counting down the days until I can call a pair of these gorgeous shoes my own, my precious (LOTR, anyone?). Here’s a few of the pairs I’m coveting, coincidentally both black and gold – my current favourite combination! Love me some SHINY!

Poppy Barley Feminine Slipper Gold and Black

I love that the Feminine Slipper is a throwback to 1920’s menswear with a feminine twist, which has me picturing late night dance parties in a glitzy dress and some bubbly in my hand. How perfectly Gatsby! I could also see them stealing the spotlight with a well-worn pair of skinny jeans and a white tee, with a statement necklace to match.

Poppy Barley Off Duty Boot Black

The Off-Duty boot is wonderfully everyday and utilitarian, with a slight military reference. These would be very interesting mixed with something more feminine like a floral dress, or a graphic printed tunic and opaque black tights. Can I have them both please?

Poppy Barley is celebrating its 1st birthday on Friday, November 15th, and to celebrate, they’ve launched a search for six Poppy Barley Ambassadors – ladies who want to help spread the word about this glorious company in creative ways. Being the bubbly, fashion-loving, creative graphic designer and illustrator that I am, I decided to apply! Husbie so graciously lent me his photography skills for an evening to help me create a little stop motion film about why I want to be a Poppy Barley Ambassador. We shot all the frames we needed in a few hours, and Husbie edited it all a few hours. I hope you enjoy! I feel that this just barely scratches the surface of what could be done and said to celebrate this company.  All in all, such a fun project for a fun company! I love you Poppy Barley! I’d be honored to work with you!

Take a moment to check out the Poppy Barley websiteFacebookPinterest or Instagram!


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