Top 100 Movies #14: Some Like It Hot


Our second movie from AFI’s Top 100 Movies list was Some Like It Hot, my choice!

During the first few scenes of this movie featuring Marilyn Monroe, I realized that I’ve gone 25 years of my life without ever seeing her in a film. How is this even possible?! She is familiar to me – I know her face, I stood in front of the church in San Francisco where she took her wedding photos with Joe DiMaggio, and I’ve even watched other actresses play her (Michelle Williams in My Week with Marilyn). She has the sort of star power that has made her a household name, and yet I’ve never seen one of her films! I’m glad I started with this one.

So this movie may have stolen my heart and wrapped it in giggles and warm fuzzies and then put it back in my chest with a “We’ll see you again” bum squeeze and a wink. I was grinning and laughing through most of it, which proves that this story has definitely stood the test of time. Comedies involving men dressed up as women have always been funny to me (um, The Birdcage, anyone?) and Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis nailed it with their quick wit and charm. Marilyn is dazzling as Sugar Kane and predictably put me under her spell. It’s a wonderful romantic farce that never resorts to vulgarity for a laugh…what a concept in today’s day and age. It’s smart and sexy, and it will definitely go on my regular “girls night” rotation, although I shot a few sideways glances at Husbie to see how he was faring throughout the film and caught a fair share of genuine smiles coming from him as well! Speaking of Husbie, here are his thoughts:

Husbie: I see now why she was such a big deal. Fit and jiggly is quite the combination. For the record, I wasn’t smiling ‘cuz it was funny…

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