Top 100 Movies: #94 Goodfellas


Part of my 30 before 30 list is to watch AFI’s list of top 100 movies of all time. This past Sunday we had no plans and no desire to leave the house, so Husbie suggested that we start making our way through the list. Husbie picked our very first one from the list to be #94, Goodfellas.

I loved it! I’ve always loved gangster / mobster stories. The fact that people actually live the lifestyle of a mobster both astounds and fascinates me. I remember watching all 6 seasons of The Sopranos back to back for months and becoming completely engrossed by each character and how they justified their decisions. Although this movie didn’t have 6 seasons to develop thorough stories for each character, it was interesting to follow the career of Henry Hill. He made no apologies or excuses for the way he lived; he simply thought that he had found a smarter way to live than the average “schmuck”, which was to focus purely on profit by any means. If anything or anyone got in the way, they got whacked.

I spent 75% of the movie trying to figure out where I knew the actress that played Henry Hill’s wife, Karen. It finally came to me (without reaching for my iPhone and looking her up on IMDB) that she played the role of Dr. Jennifer Melfi in the Sopranos! I loved her character in Goodfellas, just as I loved Edie Falco’s roll as Carmela in the Sopranos. Being a mobsters wife would be terrifying!

Goodfellas has a great mix of style, humor, drama and violence with a fabulous soundtrack, a great narrative style (although it threw me off when Lorraine Bracco started narrating) and an entertaining trio of excellence – Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci. You can’t go wrong! Arguably one of the best films of its genre. I give it five out of five gangsters.

For this series of posts, Husbie decided he’d like to add a gentleman’s perspective to each movie, so without further debut, here he is!

Husbie: If mob movies have taught me anything; it’s that nothing good comes from running your mouth, so I’m going to keep it shut. 6 dead rats outta 6, capisce!


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  1. Nathan… your comment had me rolling on the floor! And between the two of you, your styles of writing couldn’t be more different! I would love to see the two of you co-author a book … same story line being written in your own unique styles! It would be a hoot! Or… Nicole could do the first part and then have Nathan do a paraphrase (short version) in a text box at the bottom of each page. You break me up!… joyfully

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