New York City: Day 5



We tried to get up early on Day five and failed miserably. Instead, we slept in and then caught the subway over to Chelsea Market. The entire building is full of beautiful brick and exposed industrial pipe, with retail stores and restaurants galore lining the halls. We popped into Sarabeth’s Bakery for a quick breakfast of delicious baked goods. I was told that Sarabeth’s has the most delicious breakfast, but sadly the Chelsea Market location is only a bakery and not the full restaurant. If you visit Sarabeth’s, find one that is an entire restaurant and then report back and tell me what its like!



After inhaling our breakfast, we wandered around popping in and out of stores until we came across a pop-up shop full of designer sample sizes on sale! It was quite the experience trying things on…the woman’s change room was merely a curtained off corner of the shop with a bunch of women definitely not playing shy as they all tried on clothing in plain view of each other. Not something I’m used to, but I made it work! I discovered a new designer that I absolutely love named Eva Franco and picked up my first ever maxi skirt and a few cute tops!


After I was done shopping we hopped on the subway to Rockefeller Center, picked up some tickets for an NBC Studio tour for Day six because it was sold out for all day already, and headed up to Top of the Rock for some stellar views of Central park and the Empire State building. We had heard from people who had visited NYC before that the lineups to go to the top of the Empire State could get really long, and to try Top of the Rock instead so that we could get the Empire State in our pictures! The advice turned out to be bang on and our wait for Top of the Rock wasn’t long at all.













We headed back down to street level so that Husbie could take some more pictures of Rockefeller Center. One of his favorite shows is 30 Rock, so he was really excited to find so many of the scenes from the opening credits. We also kept our eyes open for anyone on the cast of 30 Rock but had no luck. If we had seen Tina Fey, you can bet we would have casually stalked her!





We had lunch at Bill’s Bar and Burger and then popped over to MoMA to drool all over the art. MoMA was definitely one of my favorite museum visits of NYC. I just adore modern art and modern art museums are always so beautiful. I’ve now been to the ones in San Francisco, Seattle and New York!







Husbie had fun taking a series of pictures of me posing in front of different places throughout the trip. In case you’ve never seen my animated GIF of the series, here it is for your viewing pleasure!


I got to meet my favorite piece, The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh! The security guard repeatedly had to tell me to stand back because I kept creeping too close to it. I would have been pressed right up against it tracing my fingers along its swirls if there hadn’t been a guard standing right there…



Husbie decided that he really liked the style of Seurat’s work. I admire anyone that can illustrate in pointillism for extended periods of time!










After we had our fill of MoMA and a quick rest in the courtyard (see tired faces above right), it was Husbie’s turn to get some serious shopping done! We stopped in at a bunch of stores on Fifth ave and Husbie treated himself to a full fall wardrobe for when we got home and a shiny new antique gold Fossil watch to add to his ever-growing collection of timepieces. We stayed on Fifth ave until the stores started closing and then hailed a cab (on our own for the very first time!) and headed back to the apartment. We had leftover pizza for dinner and then ended the night at a small little lounge in SOHO for a drink and some dessert.

Lessons Learned: Don’t try to wake up early on your honeymoon. Alarm clocks just won’t work!

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