New York City: Day 3

Balthazar NYC

Balthazar NYC

On our third morning, we went for breakfast at Balthazar which was recommended to us by many people, and so worth it! The service alone was reason enough to visit. I swear it was like we were transported to Downton Abbey, with butlers and head footmen and footmen, all participating in an impeccably organized dance of sorts. There was a person to fill our water. There was a person to bring our food and a person to clear our dishes. Our main waiter was a distinguished older gentlemen in a suit that we hardly realized was there. I’ve been told that that’s the mark of a good waiter. We wanted to have dinner at Balthazar but they were booked solid for a few nights in advance – I’d recommend making reservations before you visit! !

After breakfast we ventured down to Canal Street, which as most people know is where you find your knockoff goodies! You know you’re in the right place when you walk down the street to the music of “Gucci! Prada! Louis Vuitton!” from all directions. “Watches! Sunglasses! Handbags!”, ” You wear Michael Kors, you like Michael Kors? I got Michael Kors, you come with me!”


The actual process of walking into an impossibly narrow storefront and speaking in hushed and rushed tones and bartering prices while eying up the name brand goods they have to offer is a total rush. Husbie seemed to thrive on it while I felt overwhelmed rather quickly. I was happy to walk away with a fairly convincing version of a Michael Kors green tote and a blatantly fake version of a Chanel quilted bag (like I’d ever afford $5,000 for the real thing!), and Husbie found himself a pair of “Ray Ban” sunglasses. On the way back to the apartment to drop off our goodies, it started to pour. We didn’t have an umbrella so we waited it out in the apartment for about an hour and then it stopped and didn’t start again the whole time we were there, LUCKY!

Then we hopped onto the subway and went to the American Museum of Natural History. I was pretty excited about this one. I loved every minute of the museum. I was mesmerized by all the sculpture and pattern everywhere! The museum was PACKED though, because apparently everyone goes to museums on a Monday!


Museum of Natural History NYC

IMG_0825Museum of Natural History NYC

Museum of Natural History NYC

Our favorite exhibits were Meteors, Minerals & Gemstones and DINOSAURS! In the Meteors exhibit, we got to touch the Willamette meteorite, which weighs 32,000 pounds and is the largest meteorite in North America, 6th largest in the world.


The Minerals & Gemstones exhibit was full of shiny things, which are definitely my favorite. There was an entire room FULL of the worlds largest gems…SIGH! I could have spent hours in there admiring all the bling.

Museum of Natural History NYC

Museum of Natural History NYC

Museum of Natural History NYC

We saved the dinosaurs for last and I saw skeletons of things I didn’t even know existed, including one that I swear was a Thestral from Harry Potter!

Museum of Natural History NYC

Museum of Natural History NYC

Museum of Natural History NYC

Museum of Natural History NYC

After we had our fill of the museum, we had a late lunch at the cafe and then did some serious shopping at the museum gift shop, which was full of really neat things. I ended up taking home a framed butterfly which I’ve wanted forever, and we picked up some fun gifts for friends and family back home.

Then we took the subway to Rockefeller center and explored 5th avenue, the Lego store and the NBC store! We also walked to Times Square, which I did not like AT ALL. I’m really glad we saw it since it’s so iconic, but it was crazy loud and busy and crowded and I couldn’t get out of there fast enough!

Rockefeller Center


Lego 5th Ave NYC

Lego 5th Ave NYC

NBC Studios

Times Square NYC


After Times Square, we caught the subway back to the apartment and had more pizza for dinner! Our thoughts? Don’t mess with a good thing!

Lessons Learned: Just when you think you’re accustomed to the busyness of New York, you go to a museum on a Monday and then you go to Times Square!

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